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Weird Asia News

Bus Conductor Punished For Letting Pigeon Ride Bus For Free

China Builds Subway Station In The Middle Of Nowhere

North Korea Threatens to Karate Chop Off Head Of South Korea’s Ex-President

Cow Born With Human-like Head Proclaimed A God

Indian Boy Grows Second Nose On Forehead


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quirky news

Dog finds fame for inability to catch food

Police Hunt Nearly 40 Snakes Stolen From Flat

Stranger delivers pizza to the Pope

Parents risk lives to help kids cheat

Sheep ram-raids electrical store


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Weird News

'Target'ing the Customer

Who Can See Your Mental Health Records? The Answer May Surprise You

Where Not To Donate Your Money

In Kenya, Mobile Banking Takes Off

Restaurant Owner Had Ties To N. Korean Diplomat

Very Weird News

Exploring the Nightlife in Singapore – 4 Things to do at Night

3 Best Pros of Converting Pdf Documents to Word this year

What are the Benefits of Greenhouses?

Advice On cannabis Dispensaries – How To Get Started

Frequently asked questions about online poker RSS

Scottish police are looking for a local "man with teeth missing" in regards to a traffic incident. Shouldn't be too hard to pick him out [Unlikely]

"Waiting for a friend while black" [Murica]

Road rage mugshot features height in Fahrenheit and Celsius [Strange]

One of the very few times you might modify the sum of $38 billion with the adjective "only" [Followup]

Fark Ready: police capture peacock that had been 'terrorizing' residents [Amusing]


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Oddly Enough Blog

The last huzzah?

The best goofy but true stories from 2011

You’ve got till tomorrow to pay up, pal…

The stuff dream photos are made of…

Seinfeld, a show about bupkis…

Wasted News

The Key to a Great Road Trip

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Wrongful Death Damages

Multi-car crash with fatalities blocks Interstate 80

Legal Duty of Property Owners to Protect their Visitors from Harm



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5 Of The World’s Weirdest Airports In The US

Where Can You Recycle Car Oil?

5 Most Unique Mini Golf Courses In The World

The Top 5 Motorcycle Helmets of 2019

Pain is Beauty: 5 Bizarre Facial Treatments

Odd Daily News

Woman Who Shoots Boyfriend in face Says She was Giving Him Nose Job

Woman Tries to Hide Drugs Under Her Dentures

Judge Tosses Woman’s ‘Too Fat To Fly’ Lawsuit

Woman to Wear ‘Idiot’ Sign For Passing School Bus

Mark Hamill & 'Star Wars': Luke Skywalker Actor On Episode 7

Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

Young Man Undergoes Plastic Surgery Transformation After Failing to Find Job Because of His Looks

Marble Crayfish – The Self-Cloning Crustacean Taking Over the World

German “Mr. McDonald’s” May Be the Fast Food Chain’s Biggest Fan

Australian Woman Photographs Moth Larger Than Her Hand

This Optical Illusion Is the Most Beautiful Street Artwork in France

Boinc Projects Space Science
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