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Weird Asia News

Bus Conductor Punished For Letting Pigeon Ride Bus For Free

China Builds Subway Station In The Middle Of Nowhere

North Korea Threatens to Karate Chop Off Head Of South Korea’s Ex-President

Cow Born With Human-like Head Proclaimed A God

Indian Boy Grows Second Nose On Forehead

Crazy Weird News

Awesome Soccer Field

The Death Coaster!

Fat Cat Finds Exercise Offensive

Always Weird! Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Crazy License Plate

quirky news

Dog finds fame for inability to catch food

Police Hunt Nearly 40 Snakes Stolen From Flat

Stranger delivers pizza to the Pope

Parents risk lives to help kids cheat

Sheep ram-raids electrical store


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Weird News

'Target'ing the Customer

Who Can See Your Mental Health Records? The Answer May Surprise You

Where Not To Donate Your Money

In Kenya, Mobile Banking Takes Off

Restaurant Owner Had Ties To N. Korean Diplomat

Weird News Stories

Perfect Hiding Spot?

You Know those Family Stickers Everyone Has?

Crazy Funny Vanity Plates

Scottish Farmer Breeds ‘Panda’ Lamb

Steve Can be a Real Scumbag RSS

Powerful computers, reality show stars, and of course Florida Man - it's the Fark Weird News Quiz, May 5-11 Silly Job Titles Edition [Spiffy]

Historians, archaeologists, and confused Pokemon fans outraged over proposed Machu Picchu airport that would destroy historical artifacts [Vintage]

Nothin' like a good 'ole demolition to bring a town together [Cool]

Study finds that children raised in religious households share less with their friends and are more punitive in their actions towards others than children raised without religion [Vintage]

Europe convinces Switzerland to tighten gun restrictions. With photo of what a European holding a gun might look like [Misc]


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Oddly Enough Blog

The last huzzah?

The best goofy but true stories from 2011

You’ve got till tomorrow to pay up, pal…

The stuff dream photos are made of…

Seinfeld, a show about bupkis…

Wasted News

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Wrongful Death Damages

Multi-car crash with fatalities blocks Interstate 80

Legal Duty of Property Owners to Protect their Visitors from Harm

Bankruptcy: Legal Solution to Regaining Financial Freedom